Blackstump Technologies.

Black Stump Technologies specialises in the provision of solar-powered refrigeration and energy technologies which can be rapidly deployed in remote areas and environments which are off-grid.

Our technologies are applied to assist individuals and organisations operating in such environments. Such environments arise through remoteness or in times of humanitarian or environmental disaster.

Our technologies remove the reliance on expensive and often-unavailable supplies of diesel fuel and can operate completely independently from grid-power.

As such our technologies are sought after by First Responder organisations attending to urgent and ongoing relief needs, Aid and Developmental agencies supporting the development of individuals and communities in the longer term, Defence organisations seeking to rapidly deploy resources in areas of potential or actual conflict and governmental and commercial organisations operating in remote areas where off-grid cold-supply and energy supply chain solutions are needed to support community and business operations.

We supply to our customers globally. Purchasing and leasing options are available.  Should our standard range of off-grid equipment not meet your needs, Black Stump Technologies can work with you to provide a customised solution to meet you refrigeration or energy challenge.

Black Stump Technologies is supported by its manufacturing partner, Heuch. Heuch has a 40-year history of developing and manufacturing innovative engineering solutions.

Key Team Members

Martin Oakley
Business Development Manager

Martin Oakley is the business development manager for Black Stump Technologies Pty Ltd, an Australian engineering specialist in providing remote energy and refrigeration solutions.

Martin graduated from the Swinburne University of Technology in 2009 with a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese language and cultural studies. After gaining international experience in education, management and commodity trading roles in Japan and throughout the EU, he returned to Australia in 2014.

Martin was an instrumental member of the Solar Refrigeration development team and has an in-depth knowledge of the technologies and capabilities of the products Black Stump Technologies provide.  Martin now fulfills the business development role at Black Stump Technologies. He is passionate about the economic, ecological and social uplift possibilities that solar powered cold chains can provide to developing communities and businesses.

Peter Galvin
Director and Executive Chairman

Peter Galvin is a Director and the Executive Chairman of Black Stump Technologies. Peter brings his expertise to the business with a long list of achievements in creating and developing businesses that make a difference to the lives of individuals, to the communities in which they live and the broader society in which they operate. Peter’s experience encompasses roles as CEO, Board Advisor, Company Director, Chairman and Investor.  Peter excels at bringing teams of people together in entrepreneurial endeavours and has an outstanding track record in growing businesses. Peter’s investment and advisory business, GettingToNext, helps businesses and people move from where they are now to where they need to be.  He has hands-on knowledge of all stages and aspects of the creation, development and disposal of businesses including technology commercialisation, start-up, market and sector expansion, capital raising, acquisition and sale.

Peter’s expertise has been developed across an array of sectors including professional services, property, infrastructure, tourism & leisure, biotechnology & medical equipment, IT, construction, manufacturing and logistics. His experience includes the creation and replication of business models internationally. Between 1999 and 2010 he grew a professional project management business ten-fold, leading the company’s re-branding and expansion from a small Victorian business to one that operated throughout Australasia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Subsequently he led the turnaround of a large Australasian Engineering consultancy business. Parallel activities include the development of Australia first putrescible waste biomass plant and the commercialisation of lightweight concrete technology developed by CSIRO.

Peter is a Teaching Fellow in entrepreneurship and innovation having taught curriculum at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship, RMIT, University of SA and currently Swinburne University’s new innovation and entrepreneurship programme.

He is passionate about the difference the products of Black Stump Technologies will make to the lives of people affected by disaster and crisis as well as those living in remote areas in desperate need of long-term developmental support.

Steven Oakley

Steve Oakley is a Director of Black Stump Technologies and Managing Director of Heuch Refrigeration Pty Ltd – refrigeration engineers and Black Stump’s Australian manufacturing partners.

With over 30 years of problem solving experience in the HVAC-R industry and a strong interest in innovation, Steve commenced working on solar R & D projects in 2004 that would lead to the development and launch of Black Stump Technologies and its off-grid products. His continued focus on innovation seeks to continually produce equipment which is greener, more efficient and more accessible.

Steve is a recent recipient of CCN’s HVAC-R Innovator of the Year award.  He is excited by the benefits Black Stump Technologies refrigeration and energy products can bring to the lives and livelihoods of those living in remote areas and to commercial and not-for –profit enterprises in need of innovative, off-grid solutions to support their organisation.

Providing independent cooling and power,
in off-grid environments, to individuals, communities and the organisations that support them.