Deployable Morgue

Black Stump Technologies’ deployable mortuary provides a reliable, fast and flexible storage and transport solution.

Designed for immediate deployment following a disaster, the deployable morgue is 100% energy independent, featuring on-board solar array and 48 hour hold-over capacity.  Built to NATO 463L specifications, the unit is fully air transportable.

Deployable Mortuary
Deployable Mortuary


Model NATO 463L
Power Source Solar only
External Colour White (others avaliable)
External dimensions for transport 2.7m x 2.2m x 2.4m
External dimensions when deployed 6.2m x 5.6m x 2.4m
Internal Dimensions 2.3m x 1.7m x 1.7m
Temperature Style Single Zone
Design life 20 years plus
Common options
Remote monitoring and control Yes
CSC plating Yes
Door curtains Yes
Stainless steel sheet floor Yes
Hybrid switching (Diesel, Mains) Yes
Storing Zone Chiller (+4°C)
Operating times Non-stop (24 hours a day)
Duty Style Medium
Operational Description Cold Storage
Solar Power System
PV panel type Tier 1
Voltage control Yes
Wiring system Heuch
Electrical wiring standards AUSNZ:3000
Over-current protection Fuse
Disconnect switch/type Per string/manual
Mounting structure Anodised Aluminium
Energy Storage System
Battery type Industrial AGM Gell Cell (VRLA)
Batteries approved for international transport Yes
Maintainence type Maintenance free
Design life 5 years
Working life of batteries is a function of duty use and discharge cycle.  Speak to your Black Stump representitive regarding getting the most out of your batteries or alternative energy storage options.
Voltage controller MPPT
Standard IATA DGR Clause A67
Recyclable Yes
Deep discharge protection Yes
Temperature monitored Yes
Refrigeration System
Type Freezer (-18°C)
No. of cooling zones 1
Enviromental style Fully sealed
Condensor Air cooled
Compressor Hermetic
Evaporator Induced draft air
Control system Digital display/Push button
Defrost Automatic/Off cycle
Structure & Insulation
Chassis NATO 463l Master pallet
CSC plating Yes
Floor type Insulated with wearing surface
Doors Sliding
Door curtains Yes
Condensate drain External
LED internal lighting Yes
LED enterance lighting Yes
LED security lighting Optional
  • Independent power – no diesel or grid connection required
  • Hybrid and mirco-grid friendly
  • Up tp 48-hour standby capacity
  • Air transportable – NATO 463L spec compliant
  • Deployed and running in under 10 minutes
  • Ruggedised & Mil Spec
  • Mirco grid and power distribution
  • Portable lighting
  • Server room
  • Office
  • Printer and copy room